Traditional Madhubani painting by neeti

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It is a known fact that India is a country with diversified culture. There are different varieties of art forms that are not only limited to dance, music; but also extend to the field of painting. Artists from different parts of India come up with different art-forms in the form of Art Deco drawings, Folk drawings, etc. due to which Indian art form in the form of Paintings has become an integral part of our culture. The challenge in finding genuine paintings that would show the real beauty of Indian art is not only difficult, but options are also limited. This is where a platform like is trying to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers/art collectors. It has an extensive collection of more than 15,000+ original paintings and drawings from trusted & verified artists that are registered with the platform. Figure 1 Image Source Art for an art collector is more about passion than possession since they have the knack to look into the minutest detail in the art form...

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