Creepy and Realistic 3D Model Sculptures by Andy Bergholtz

3D Models: Andy Bergholtz is a 3D model artist and sculptor from Southern California. He enjoys creating creature 3d models for various clients. His monster 3D models are super creepy, but so much detailing has been done on them, for which he needs our applauds. Prior to sculpting, Andy was planning to become an illustrator, he graduated from the Kansas City art institute. His career line as an illustrator was short lived, since he started to pursue his hobby in sculpting. He quit his illustrator job and took up 3d model sculpting as his full time work. According to Andy, he loves his job, “like Tom Hanks in BIG, only better… I admit that the ‘kid in a candy shop’ feeling hasn’t worn off for me yet; I’m still just ecstatic to be able to do this for a living. I'm basically just a geek". Andy’s inspirations are far too many to name, but fellow artists such as Aris Kolokontes, Norman Cabrera, Miles Teves, Simon Lee and Tom Kuebler are at the top of the list. And of all his creations, figures and achievements, his proudest are his three children, Lucy, Charlie and Andy II.

Creepy and Realistic 3D Model Sculptures by Andy Bergholtz

Witch 3d models by andy bergholtz1-witch-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Ape 3d models by andy bergholtz2-ape-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Frankenstein 3d models by andy bergholtz3-frankenstein-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Count orlok 3d models by andy bergholtz4-count-orlok-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz 3d models by andy bergholtz5-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Alien 3d models by andy bergholtz6-alien-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Frog 3d models by andy bergholtz7-frog-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz

Apes 3d models by andy bergholtz8-apes-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Gorilla 3d models by andy bergholtz9-gorilla-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Shock 3d models by andy bergholtz10-shock-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Spooky 3d models by andy bergholtz11-spooky-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz Monster 3d models by andy bergholtz12-monster-3d-models-by-andy-bergholtz

Andy sells his 3D Models and canvas prints through his

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