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In the era of speed, websites have become what business cards used to be in the last century. Without one, you don't exist, your business forgotten by the customer, whose eyes are scanning the information even faster than it circulates. And so far, building a website has been a bit of a hassle, especially for people who don't know coding at all. But IM Creator is a completely different platform, that can become a powerful tool in just about anyone's hands. You can say goodbye to the days when you had to hire a web designer and programmer, paying them a lot of money, to find after a few weeks that you wanted a totally different thing. As a what you see is what you get web creator, IM Creator allows you to build your own website free of charge and most importantly free of countless hours of learning and struggling to acquire tedious information. If you're still skeptical, just take a look at the following steps:

The first thing you need to do is choose between starting from a blank page or using pre-made templates. You don't even need to register. The first option gives you more freedom, but no doubt the second one is easier and faster. The templates are professionally made and elegant looking, covering almost all fields of business, from arts and entertainment to insurance and real estate. The template database is constantly growing, and if you know how to make one you can actually submit your own, and get a commission every time somebody uses your template.

After you're done choosing, you get to enhance and customize your template the way you want. A top menu puts all the necessary tools at your disposal: image and video embeds, galleries, slideshows, even HTML frames that you can drag and adjust with a single click.

After you're done, you can publish your site - they also offer domain and hosting at very convenient prices, starting as low as 5.95 per month.

Though very intuitive and user friendly, the service does not lack high quality customer service: tutorials are available in the form of a video guide and a very comprehensive pdf. For extra assistance, their team (which is made of web designers) are at your disposal for anything you might need. If that's still not enough, you can seek help within the community with the FAQ and forums sections. And don't forget the best part: it's free!

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