The Mojicons - Funny and Adventurous 3D Animated series launched in Greece and available on Nickelodeon

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A new CGI animated series will be screening in Greece. The Nickelodeon is all set to rock Greece with it's new, funny, adventurous 3D animated series 'The Mojicons'. The story is all about some goons stealing the @ symbol and the internet stops working. It's all in the hands of 'The Mojicons' to save the day. These mojicons live in the internet and we frequently use them as emoticons in our emails. The Mojicons are all set to take upon a dangerous expedition to restore the internet system. This animated series was developed by Russian designers, Alexander Romanetz and Viacheslav Marchenko.

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“Broadcasters across the world are seeing the potential of The Mojicons,” said Ink Global Director Claus Tomming. “That’s no surprise, as it’s a wonderful piece of storytelling that combines wit, warmth and great looking animation. It’s fantastic to be working with Nickelodeon Greece and we expect to be announcing on more broadcasting news very soon.”

“The Mojicons is going to be big in Greece – it’s fresh, funny and original and I’m sure it will be a big hit with our viewers!” Added Natasa Lesioti, Programming & Editorial Director of Nickelodeon Greece.


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