20 Beautiful 3D Models and 3D Robot Sculptures by Daniele Scerra

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Daniele Scerra is an Illustrator and 3D artist and expert in making 3D models. His career starts in 1991 with the study of classic painting and continues at present time with the formation in digital field, working with international publishers and receiving several awards. His creation were included in prestigious publications like Spectrum and Exposé. Along the years he contributed also to cinematographic productions as TD in Character Animation field, Fx and Mattepainter.

woman robot

queen 3d model
woman robot

dragon lady maya 3d model
3d robot

ethroa zbrush model
3d model

ethora maya 3d model
3d model

nimhoa maya 3d model
3d model

nimhoa 3d model
3d model

queen 3d model
3d model

the gates of Dreams Altar
3d model

A'Studio song Fashion Girl - Music Video

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3D Models by Aleksandr Kuskov

Reality has too many restrictions, but fantasy is boundless. We are ready to start making your fantasies, where anything is possible, come true. Our company specializes on smooth integration of computer graphics elements into filmed material, using the latest technologies. 

water woman sculpture 3d model
3d model

heart petrol tank 3d model
woman robot

glass heart 3d model
woman robot src=

fish robot 3d model
robot 3d

beast robot animal 3d model
3d models

woman robot parts 3d model
3d model

woman robot ad 3d model
woman robot

eagle robot 3d model
3d woman robot

lake boat 3d model
3d woman robot

coca cola 3d model
3d woman robot

time machine type writer 3d model
3d woman robot


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