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Visit 850 Art Museums via Mobile App - Android and IOS

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With Google Arts & Culture app, you can explore artifacts, artworks from more than 850 museums in the world, at the comfort of your homes using your smart phones. However if you are using an Android phone, the version has to be 4.4 and above. This app is free to install and it's developed by Google Inc. Using this app, one can explore artworks which even dates back to 200 BC. Atleast more than 70 countries have gone digital with their artworks, making it easily available for people to understand different cultures, history and also to experience the artworks from the comfort of their homes. We are pretty sure artists around the world are cheering loudly, since google has released this app, they easily follow the works of great artists by virtually visiting the museums. It does save a lot of travel time.

Visit 850 Art Museums via Mobile App - Android and IOS

google art culture app google art culture app google art culture app

For those who are interested in physically visiting the museums, can also use the app to get the museum open timings and for navigation too. Did you know about the 'Art Recognizer' which is available at the London's Dulwich picture gallery, Sydney's art gallery? If you want to know more information about a particular painting, you just have to point your phone's camera to a painting on display and the app will automatically provide you information about the particular artwork. Currently this feature is only available on trail basis in some art museums, Google is planning to roll out this feature to other art galleries, museums around the world.

art recognizer app google art culture app


Features of the app

- Zoom in to view artworks in extraordinary detail
- Save your favorites, plus organize them into Collections for easy viewing and sharing
- Take 360 degree panoramic tours of hundreds of museums, heritage sites, and landmarks
- Learn about iconic artworks, plus discover hidden gems and the stories behind them in our daily features
- Explore artworks and more by color and by time period 

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