20 Famous Paintings and Old Artworks of Indian Painter Amrita Shergil

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Amrita Shergil Paintings

Amrita Shergil famous Paintings: Amrita Sher-Gil was an eminent Indian painter born to a Punjabi Sikh father and a Hungarian Jewish mother, sometimes known as India's Frida Kahlo, and today considered an important woman painter of 20th century India, whose legacy stands on a par with that of the Masters of Bengal Renaissance; she is also the 'most expensive' woman painter of India". Her early childhood was spent in Hungary and then her family shifted to Shimla India. Noticing her talent for painting, her mother put her in some of the famous schools in Italy and France. In 1934, Amrita Shergil returned back to Shimla, India. She was totally moved by the sadnees of the people around her and decided to paint the life of the poor. Amrita Shergil was influenced by the Mughal and Pahari School of paintings. Amrita Shergil paintings have a beautiful blend of the Western and Indian styles of painting.

Amrita Shergil Paintings

Woman paintingwoman painting Woman paintingwoman painting famous paintingsamrita shergill Ancient storyteller paintingancient storyteller painting Blue woman paintingblue woman painting Camel paintingcamel painting Wedding paintingwedding painting Gypsy girl paintinggypsy girl painting Village sales paintingvillage sales painting Mother children paintingmother children painting Red cloak woman painting by amrita shergilred cloak woman painting Self portrait painting by amrita sher gilself portrait painting Three women painting by amrita shergilthree women painting Woman painting by amrita shergilwoman painting Village family painting by amrita shergilvillage family painting Villagers market painting by amrita shergilvillagers market painting

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