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Photographers usually think editing,culling and organization of their photos can be done best on a computer. Adobe has included a feature which would sync your photos with the Lightroom mobile app, where all editing work can be done on a phone or tablet. The most amazing part of it is, the edits or the ratings added to your photos in the app will sync back to your master catalog. Tools like basic exposure and contrast adjustments,curves,split toning and lightroom's new dehaze slider are available along with quick presets. On organizational side, you can cull your photos by adding a star rating, or a flag.

photo editing app lightroom photo editing app lightroom

Once you’ve installed the app and signed into your Adobe account, there are just a few quick steps to sync your photos. Once you log in to your Adobe creative cloud account , select the collections you need to sync from the computer and when sync function is going on you can start working on them. Adobe thus saves the time of a photographer.

photo editing app lightroom

Once you’re happy with any edits you’ve made, you can save the photos to your phone, open them in a variety of other photo apps, or share them to social media. This may be the best use of this feature. Posting quality images to social media as often as you like might have been a difficult task but now having Lightroom library in pocket makes the process substantially easier.

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