25 Beautiful Family Portrait Photography Ideas and Poses

Family Portraits
Family Portraits and Photography Ideas / Poses : It is the season for Family Pictures which usually brings plenty of opportunity to take a perfect portraits. Family Portraits act as reminders of the good times that you had with your family and most people carry these photos with them whenever they travel to remind them of their...
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25 Stunning Surreal Oil Paintings and Creative Art works by Santiago Caruso

Tag : Paintings25 Mar 2017 SHARE
Surreal Art : Jim Warren's work ranges from his own brand of surrealism, to paintings of social and environmental commentary, to those simply celebrating the beauty of nature. Many of these paintings, along with high quality limited edition Giclee on canvas prints thereof, are available through some of the top galleries in the...
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60 Creative 3D Typography Designs and Ads for your Inspiration

3D Typography
Tag : Typography3D Graphics24 Mar 2017 SHARE
3D Typography : To make a brand sell, companies use different advertising methods to promote their brand and graphic / print designers play a huge role in promoting successful brands and revising existing brands. Typography is an important tool used by the graphic print designers. Companies use attractive typography designs in...
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20 Stunning Color Pencil Drawings and illustrations by Alvia Alcedo

Color Pencil Drawing
Color Pencil Drawings: Color pencil drawings are a fantastic medium to work on. Depending on the brand and quality of pencils, you can find them in different prices. Once you master five techniques in color pencil drawings, it becomes easy for any amateur. These are the five methods you can try with color pencil drawings: cross...
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Red Photo Challenge - International Photography Contest and Inspiration

Photography Contest
Red is always an exhilarating color. Summer is already here and it's time to capture the beautiful hues of red in the most interesting way. Photographers it's time to participate in the 'Shades of Red' photochallenge and win yourselves amaing prizes. The contest iscurrently open and the last date to submit entries is April 6th, 2017...
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Dear Europe - 2D Animation Video about upcoming European election by Erica Gorochow

Dear Europe - 2D Animation Video about upcoming European election by Erica Gorochow
Erica Gorochow,Brooklyn director,designer,illustrator formed a crew of 23 US and UK artists to enlighten the European voters about the forecoming elections. Though Erica didnot sound meticulous she is been diplomatic and sharp when necessary.Through all the diversities and the drama around it possibly has every chance to forget what...
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50 Creative and Colorful Packaging Design Ideas for you

Packaging Design
Packaging Designs: Mostly people judge the quality of product with its unique packaging. In this post we present excellent examples of beautiful, attractive and communicative packaging design. Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and conventions that we are accustomed to, giving the product a unique edge to...
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The Flavors of India - 20 Best Indian Food Photography examples

Food Photography
Food Photography: Making exotic food is an art, the presentation of food is also equally important. Likewise, the latest craze among photographers is food photography. So if you have a new project for food photography and if you have run out of ideas, you can take a look at the food photos and be inspired. Looking at some of these...
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