35mm SLO Camera made entirely out of 3D printing - DIY

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For the love of photography, people are ready to take upon new challeneges. Amos Dudley is a 3d designer and he decided to put his work and passion together and the end result is a 35mm SLO camera. What's so unique about this camera is, the whole body, lens was all created using a 3D printer. According to Amos Dudley on his blog," A 3D printed camera body could look like anything, but I decided to optimize the design for printing speed and material usage. Most of the larger parts are designed without overhangs in one orientation, so they can be printed without supports, straight off the build platform. Separating the body into modules let me prototype each component individually. The shutter and lens are modules, and can be swapped out for different designs without reprinting the entire camera". Amos Dudley is a 23 yr old student at NJIT, studying digital design. His are of interest is 3d modeling and 3d architecture. Let's say for a young student, SLO camera adds a feather on to his cap.

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According to Dudley,"Creating a lens with a 3D printer is a challenge - your typical FDM printer won’t cut it here. A lens is the most important part of a camera, it’s the largest factor in the quality of the image. The surface smoothness of a lens needs be exceptionally high for light to focus across an imaging plane". The lens were sanded smooth and it took him nearly 5-6 hours to get a lens right.

Dudley's 35mm Camera contains all the parts that a regular camera requires like film cartridge, film path, film takeup spools, gears for rotating the spools, shutter, aperture plane, lens, film access door, and lightproof box. You can load the film through the back portion of the camera and you can try short and long exposure shots by toggling on the shutter buttons. There is no separate mechanism for shutter speed, it's all about how fast your finger presses the button.

Check out Amos Dudley Blog if you are interested in a DIY camera: http://amosdudley.com/weblog/SLO-Camera

Check out the video:

Dudley and photographer Rob Chron tested the 3D printed camera with Fujicolor Superia 400 film. Here are some of the test shots:

slo camera photographyslo camera photographyslo camera photographyslo camera photography

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