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20 Beautiful and Award Winning 3D Model designs by Tsvetomir Georgiev

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Tsvetomir Georgiev is a Bulgarian artist who works for the Aaron Sims Company, a visual effects house that has worked on movies such as Noah and Sin City 2. Georgiev previously did much of the concept work on Green Lantern. The classic models designed by Georgiev are customised by digital sculting through zbrush. Pixel technology stores lighting,colour,material and depth information for all objects on the screen. Animation is done through 3D max and final touch given through photoshop. The monster, witch, hero, alien, statue and all kind of strange creatures are digitally made alive through Georgiev.

20 Beautiful and Award Winning 3D Model designs by Tsvetomir Georgiev

hero cg charactercgcg3d chimpanzee chimpanzee cg character3d chimpanzee

hero cg charactercg monster monster cg charactermonster witch cg characterwitch cg alienstatue cg alien cg character3d alien alien cg charactercg alien


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