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15 Simple and Realistic 3D Pencil Drawings by Sandor Vamos

3D Drawings

3D Pencil Drawings : Sandor Vamos is an amazing artist from Hungary. He enjoys creating 3D pencil drawings using both pencils and color pencils. Sandor vamos 3D Pencil Drawings are hyper realistic and seem to literally hang in mid air. We particularly loved the dice, alphabet letterings and the embedded heart. His concept of depth and realism is amazing, we can literally see the objects bouncing off the canvas. Vamos draws inspiration from the anamorphic art, since that art makes sense only if viewed from a certain angle. Likewise the shading, line work and the perspective angles play a major role in how his 3D pencil drawings turn out to be. His work is also inspired from renaissance period artists like C. Escher and many others.

3D Drawings

Missile 3d drawing by sandor vamosmissile 3d drawing Hole paper 3d drawing by sandor vamoshole paper 3d drawing 3d stairs 3d drawing by sandor vamos3d stairs 3d drawing Fish 3d drawing by sandor vamosfish 3d drawing Hole 3d drawing by sandor vamoshole 3d drawing Hand 3d drawing by sandor vamoshand 3d drawing Ladder 3d drawing by sandor vamosladder 3d drawing 3d drawing by sandor vamos3d drawing Alphabet 3d drawing by sandor vamosalphabet 3d drawing Steps 3d drawing by sandor vamossteps 3d drawing Pyramid 3d drawing by sandor vamospyramid 3d drawing Spiral stairs 3d drawing by sandor vamosspiral stairs 3d drawing Water droplets 3d drawing by sandor vamoswater droplets 3d drawing Stairs door 3d drawing by sandor vamosstairs door 3d drawing Alphabet 3d drawing by sandor vamosalphabet 3d drawing

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