11 Essential Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

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Graphic design can seem like an impossible skill to learn considering the tremendous number of techniques and Image Editing programs available on the market. When it comes to Illustrator or InDesign, even a simple creative project can quickly turn into hours of work and confusion. Fortunately, there is a number of tricks an aspiring Graphic Designer can utilize to improve artwork. We’ve prepared the list of 11 proven essential graphic design techniques to help you with the next design project.

11 Essential Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

1. Choose Contrasting Colors

Even the smallest task such as choosing a color palette can be difficult. Choosing the right colors for your artwork will have a strong impact on your audience's reaction to your work. Sticking to contrasting colors such as Green and Reg might do the trick.

To make your Graphic Designer life easier, try Colors.co to develop outstanding color palettes. The most exciting part of the resource is that it’s free!


2. Keep Your Fonts Readable

Even though crazy typography is getting more popular, readability is crucial. Stick to a maximum of 2 fonts and try to make sure that they match each other. Use one font for your headers and another one for paragraphs.

You don’t have to design fonts yourself. There are numerous websites online that allow users to download typography for free but make sure you can use them for commercial purposes.


3. White Space Is Important

If you don’t have much experience, using white space in your work could be a great solution. Drag people’s attention to the key art elements by keeping your artwork simple and minimalistic.


4. Be Consistent

Every element of your design needs to serve a purpose and complement each other. Don’t randomly add pieces that would overcrowd the artboard and distract the viewer from the central idea.


5. Sketch to Create Your Outlines

If you are not very skilled with outlining in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, make a sketch on paper first and scan it. It will be much easier to scan the scetch than outline from scratch.


6. Start with the Flat Design

Increasing in popularity, flat design can be a great starting point for aspiring graphic designers.
Practicing this technique, you will get a better understanding of space and shapes.


7. Text Layout

When creating artwork using Image Editing software, do not overcrowd it with text. 30-40 characters sound like a reasonable number to include in the artwork. Longer texts might be annoying for the end-viewers.


8. Benefit from Icons

Icons are an easy way to attract people’s attention and explain your design in a matter of seconds. We are all used to icons instead of sentences full of words. If you are not confident enough to create a set of your own icons, check out Flaticon.


10. Align to the Perfection

Not all Graphic Designers pay attention to the perfect alignment. However, to make your work look clean and professional, it is important to utilize margins and keep all art elements aligned with each other. Adobe Illustrator and other programs offer smart guides that will help you place all the elements in the right places.


11. Use Lines and Simple Shapes to Send a Message

Simple or wavy lines and simplistic shapes such as ovals can become the final element of a minimalist design. Play around with different shapes to see which one complements your design the most.


12. Print Your Artwork

If you are designing promotional materials for a business that needs to print business cards, print your artwork first to see if the final result is perfect. Maybe you forgot to switch RGB mode to CMYK, which is essential in printing.

Having your artwork printed will help you see details that you couldn’t have noticed on the screen.

Final Words : Graphic design can be tricky depending on the techniques you want to try out. However, if you stick to the basic tips and look for practical solutions online, creating something amazing won’t be that hard.

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11 Essential Graphic Design Tips for Beginners Graphic design can seem like an impossible skill to learn considering the tremendous number of techniques and Image Editing programs available on the market. When it comes to Illustrator or InDesign